The DEQ grants quarter million dollars for ‘Trail Towns’

The state granted more than a quarter-million dollars for improving coastal trails and nearby towns across the state.

Grand Traverse County received the single largest grant, just under $100,000.

The rest of the money was parceled out to the Clinton River Watershed Council, and three other environmental groups farther south.

Ronda Wuycheck is the Coastal Program Manager for the DEQ. She said the money will go towards revitalizing Michigan’s trail towns.

“A trail town is kinda like the hub. It’s really where it’s all needed to be for the community to really benefit. This is just to benefit the recreational experience, and the whole experience that coastal community can offer.”

She said the small towns are important to Michigan’s tourist economy.

“There’s a lot of economic demand for people to visit our shorelines. Not just within our state but outside. So we’re really proud and excited to be part of any project that helps enhance that public access in an environmental, economic and social way.”

Wuycheck said the money will go towards advertising Michigan’s trails and the hub communities along them.

She said it will also go towards making trails more accessible.