Tittabawassee River cleanup continues to keep community content

RiverLast nights Saginaw Community Action Group meeting with the EPA went well according to Dave Sommers, the President of the group. Community members gave their recommendations for cleanup of the next segment of the Tittabawassee River.

In short, they encouraged the EPA to keep doing what it’s doing.

The EPA said the next segment of the river cleanup is slated to cost between five-and-six-million dollars.

Sommers said the EPA is doing a good job of keeping the river community informed.

Sommers says the group is more concerned with positive results rather than a high priced quick fix for the cleanup.

“I think the general consensus was, ‘Well, let’s not spend absolutely as much as we can and get it done in a very short amount of time, let’s do it right, take our time, and be reasonable about it’ So I, ya know, I don’t think just throwing all the money into it is the way to go. I think being reasonable and really looking after the property owners, and the recovery of that type of stuff, is the important part.”

Sommers said the group is content with the speed at which the cleanup is progressing. He said the EPA is proceeding as estimated 5 years ago.