Studies show Flint drinking water contains dangerous levels of lead

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The city of Flint has issued a lead advisory for the drinking water of all city residents.

The announcement came on Friday, the same day that pediatricians from Hurley Medical Center held a press conference to discuss what they say are elevated levels of lead in Flint children under age five.

State health officials have refuted that study citing their own data on lead poisoning in the children of Flint.

Researchers from Virginia Tech began studying lead levels in Flint this summer. They’ve reported lead contamination as high as 900 times the safe limit set by the EPA.

Marc Edwards headed the study. He said high lead levels come from the water corroding the lead plumbing.

“What is happening is totally illegal. In my opinion it is totally illegal to put a corrosive water is a distribution system with no plan to control lead corrosion.”

City officials said around 15,000 homes get water through lead pipes.

The city released an advisory today telling pregnant women and children not to drink untested water.