Tech panel to make recommendation on reconnecting Flint to Detroit water

City of FlintThe state is convening a technical panel this week that’s supposed to come up with a plan to respond to the Flint drinking water emergency. The group is made up of state and federal environmental officials, as well as outside experts.

That’s a follow-up to the actions already taken, like handing out water filters to Flint residents and more testing of water in homes and schools for lead.

The problems started after a state-appointed emergency manager decided to disconnect the city from the Detroit water system and, instead, use the Flint River for drinking water.

Dan Wyant (WYE’-ent) directs the state Department of Environmental Quality. He says one of the first decisions is whether to reconnect Flint to the Detroit water system.

“The state owes the city a response with respect to ensuring that the water’s safe.”
The question is whether we’d be better if we want to Detroit water, and I’d like science to make that determination.”

Flint Mayor Dane Walling says he’d ask the state to pick up the cost of one and a half to two (m) million dollars a month if the city re-connects to the Detroit system, which a lot of Flint residents are demanding.