New website will allow Michigan customers to compare natural gas suppliers in their area

A website launched by the state on October 5th, will help consumers find the best natural gas price in their area.

The site launched by the Michigan Public Service Commission, allows customers to compare natural gas prices from various providers in the state.

Michigan is a natural gas choice state. That means customers can get gas from larger, what are called – incumbent suppliers. Or they can purchase from smaller, so-called “alternative gas suppliers.”

In addition to prices, the website also allows users to view the each supplier’s terms and conditions.

Judy Palnau is the spokeswoman at the Michigan Public Service Commission. She says the Commission feels the site will be very beneficial to users.

“There have been a lot of gas choice customers in the past, so it’s something that has been very very popular. I think there are still thousands of customers in Michigan, who are gas choice customers, and there probably will be more people who are aware of gas choice being available to them” says Palnau.

Palnau says people may not be aware of how many smaller providers are located in Michigan.

The website, and more information about suppliers, can be found here.