Legislation would strike down local dog breed bans

dogsAny local ordinance that bans specific dog breeds may soon be struck down, under legislation approved by the Senate earlier this month, with bipartisan support.

The measure would prevent ordinances that say a specific breed is not allowed, or to be controlled in a certain way.

Some 20 Michigan cities, including Alma and Saginaw, have breed specific ordinances. Most banning pitbulls.

Republican Senator Dave Robertson, who introduced the bill, says laws that ban specific breeds are unfair.

“What you’re seeing is an evolution in the law, as it relates to animals and animal control. You’re seeing a greater emphasis placed on the public sector working with the private sector, working with rescue groups, to reduce the number of animals that have to be destroyed and finding homes for as many animals as possible” says Robertson.

Robertson also says breed specific bans are unfair.

“We’re dealing with domesticated animals. There is no reason why any animal, that’s a domesticated breed, should be vicious other than through the actions of the owner that trains them to be that way. The purpose here is to put the responsibility on the owner” says Robertson.

Senate Bill 239 has been referred to the House committee on local government.