Sault tribe receives $300K for education programs

The Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians recently received over a quarter million dollars from the federal government to bolster their education programs.

Dr. Aaron Payment is the chairman of the Sault tribe. He was originally a highschool dropout, but went back to school to earn two master’s degrees and a doctorate in education.

He said the money will help them tie together different education programs, and keep students in school longer.

“So our objective is to track them all the way through, and not make excuses that we didn’t get them ready, but we find out what do you need when you enter college to be successful. Or when they go from elementary to middle school, what do you need for them to be successful from middle school to high school. So each stage of the way they can prepare them for the next step.”
Payment says the money will go towards keeping tribal students in school through college.”

Payment said the grant will help keep students in school through college.

“I want to provide better opportunities for other people so they don’t have to struggle the same way that I had to. With my background, ya know, I see the need there, and so we want to find the solution at each stage to retain students through to college graduation.”

The grant will be parceled out in 2016 and could be renewed through 2018.