DNR stocks Musky in 17 Michigan waterways

27,000 Muskellunge fish will be stocked into 17 Michigan waterways by the DNR.

27,000 Muskellunge fish will be stocked into 17 Michigan waterways by the DNR.

In an effort to further enhance Michigan’s fisheries, the Department of Natural Resources has recently stocked thousands of a popular sporting fish across the state.

The Michigan DNR recently stocked more than 27,000 Muskellunge fingerlings into a total of 17 lakes, rivers, streams, and ponds across the state.

Matt Hughes is a biologist with the Wolf Lake Fish Hatchery. He said by stocking the native fish to more accessible areas, anglers will have more opportunities for that perfect catch.

“So, you know, they weren’t near those bodies of water, they’d have to travel fairly good distances to fish for Muskey. Now that we’re stocking great lakes, we’re stocking them in newer places all over the state so there will be many more fishing opportunities for Muskey”.

Hughes also said the DNR has strategically planned which waterways to stock the Muskie in for maximum opportunity.

“Lately, we’ve been a lot of stocking in drowned river mouths. Primarily on the western side of the state. So river bodies that will drain into Lake Michigan. For example, Muskegon Lake, White Lake, the lower Grand River and also Hamlin Lake in the last few years”.

He said the fish are sourced from Detroit, and brought to the Wolf Lake Hatchery where the young Muskie will grow to around 8-10 inches. They will then inject the fingerlings into pre-planned bodies of water to allow anglers great opportunities for the ever popular sports fish.

Hughes said if more Musky are available in the state’s rivers and lakes, more people may end up purchasing fishing licenses. And that would, in turn, make more money available to maintain the state’s parks and forests.