Scientist who studied Flint water to speak at Hurley

Hurley Medical Center in Flint is hosting a talk with Dr. Marc Edwards, the scientist that helped expose the Flint lead crisis.

Edwards said what happened in Flint can be directly tied to the mismanagement from 2001 to 2004 when Washington D.C. had a problem with lead in its water.

“Washington D.C. was both a lost opportunity to prevent more Flints in the future and in fact contributed to a lot of the confusion that residents have and the state agencies have about the health effects of lead in drinking water.”

Edwards said his talk will explore how Washington D.C., as he said, paved the way for officials to cheat with lead testing and lie about the true quality of the water in Flint.

He said inaccurate water testing tactics are rampant around the country because the D.C. crisis was covered up.

Edwards said it’s important to figure out how to solve the Flint crisis in a way that prevents other places from falling victim to the same dangerous tactics.

“Obviously the agencies involved cannot be trusted to protect the public health and to do what’s right even though that’s the job we’re paying them to do.”

Edwards’ talk begins Wednesday at 8 a.m. You can live stream the lecture here