Michigan drug abuse task force reports new findings


A task force appointed by Governor Rick Snyder, says Michigan needs to change its current prescription drug monitoring system. A recent report released by the task force offered a number of recommendations.

Among those are updating or replacing the current prescription database, requiring the use of the system and increasing training for law enforcement in recognizing and dealing with addiction.

Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley is the chairman of the task force. He says requiring prescribers to use the updated or new database, will save lives.briancalley

“The task force came to the conclusion that there are too many lives being lost and it really is something that all prescribers of these types of medicines, should participate in. So that doctors have all the information they need. Ultimately the doctor still makes the decision, but they’ll be able to make the decision now, with all the information” says Calley.

Calley also says only twenty percent of Michigan’s doctors are using the current prescription drug database. He says likely due to the sites many technical issues.

When asked how he felt about Michigan being ranked eighteenth in the nation in drug overdose deaths, he said… “it’s really at a crisis situation when you consider the number of deaths and the number of ruined lives over addiction. We need to better equip our doctors to make sure they have all the information they need to make the best decision.”

The task force is now looking to support legislation that will put the recommendations into practice.