A new vehicle for fun

The Truck and students.

The Truck and students.

This Summer Central Michigan University is rolling out a new program aimed at getting children more active.

The program is called ‘Play on the Way’ and through it, CMU will send out a truck and trailer fully equipped with everything kids need to have fun outdoors.

Dr. Lori Irwin is one of the managers of the project. She said she’s been involved with programs like this since she was a kid.

Irwin said the program is starting in Isabella county, but she hopes to expand.

“Right now we’re sticking to Isabella county, but when you look at all the pocket communities around Isabella county, that’s alot of people to service. One of the barriers we want to eliminate is geographical, so that we are coming to them and providing the programs, the other barrier we want to eliminate is financial.”

She said this program will benefit students as well as local communities.

“We are trying to create access for families and children. Eliminating barriers such as time to get to programs, distance to get to programs, cost of programs. It’s a great initiative and we just want the community to support our effort in creating that opportunity for students, and families, full circle.”

Irwin said this is the first time a university has taken on an initiative like this, and according to her, it’s about time.

“I think it’s important for CMU to create initiatives like this because CMU values learning, values students getting involved with their communities. It’s a great way to build partnerships with communities, it’s a great way to increase student learning, and it’s a great way for the University to give back to the communities that surround it.”

Irwin said CMU will never charge families that participate in the program.

The truck and trailer are expected to roll out for the first time this Summer.