The federal government is helping out Flint — in the form of 28,000 liters of bottled water


Flint is distributing 28-thousand liters of bottled water — This from a donation made by the federal government.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency sent the water to Flint after the Michigan State Police learned that FEMA had a surplus of bottled water. The shipment was received on December 14.

The bottles have been delivered to the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan.

Kelly Belcher is the Marketing and Communications Manager at the food bank.

She said Flint tap water is still unsafe to drink due to dangerous levels of lead.

“Young children and seniors should really still be avoiding the water.”

Belcher said the agency is distributing the water to food banks and schools throughout the community.

“Well we are still having the issues with the lead, we had the issues for a while with the lead in the water, and have switched back to Detroit water systems now. But there are still concerns about where the corrosion was and what the lead content still is in the water.”

Belcher said the recent donation is expected to last two-months.