The Mitten Connection aims to give back to CMU & Michigan communities



While most people get into the spirit of giving during the holidays — some Central Michigan University students have been in the giving spirit the whole year.

The non-profit Mitten Connection was created by two CMU students earlier this year.

The organization is currently holding a winter clothing drive for a Detroit soup kitchen.

So far they have collected over 100 items of clothing with drop boxes in four Mt. Pleasant businesses.

Jack Cafretsas is one of the founders of the Mitten Connection.

“So I thought it would be a cool way to, through volunteer work, like these donation boxes we have now to sort of, just a better way to get a feeling of we’re all from the state, a better feeling of Michigan pride and that sort of thing.”

Cafretsas said he thought of the idea for the Mitten Connection after coming from northern Michigan and seeing poor areas south.

“Sometimes, because we are a larger state we can feel a little bit separated, you know me being from northern Michigan I’ve seen lots of separation from that community versus downstate communities, so if there’s any way to bridge those two community I see that as a really great opportunity.”

Cafretsas said he hopes to expand the Mitten Connection throughout the state.