A “What Matters to You?” health survey is conducted in northern Michigan

People in the Grand Traverse region will soon have the opportunity to voice their concerns about community health. This through a new survey being offered in the new year. survey

Every three years, a survey is conducted exploring public health concerns in northern Michigan communities.

The survey asks about patient experiences with healthcare providers, what people think makes a healthy community and what health issues need to be improved in their area.

Jane Sundmacher is the Community Health Planner at the Health Department of Northwest Michigan. She’s in charge of the project.

“The survey asks a couple different kinds of questions. There’s a section that all about a patient experience, and what kind of experience they have with their healthcare provider. Then there’s a series of questions that ask about what kinds of things do they think make a health a community and what do they think the kinds of needs are that they have in their own county” says Sundmacher.

An assessment was completed in northeast lower Michigan earlier this year.

It found the eight county region, is most concerned with substance use, obesity, mental health issues and lack of access to health care. The region include counties such as Alpena, Cheboygan, Montmorency and Presque Isle.

The Grand Traverse region survey is scheduled to begin January 1st.