Snyder: State emergency declaration in Flint not needed

Snyder1The Michigan Legislative Black Caucus is calling on Governor Rick Snyder to declare a water crisis in Flint. Governor Snyder says it’s not necessary.

Flint Mayor Karen Weaver declared the city in a state of crisis earlier this week in a bid to get federal funds. The Legislature’s Black Caucus says Governor Snyder should back that up with a state disaster declaration.

The governor says the state provided water filters and testing once it was understood that some Flint families were exposed to lead in the drinking water.

“So I think we’ve been very pro-active and I think you’re going to see us continue that approach.”

The governor says the water crisis is a big problem, but it’s not a natural disaster like a flood or a tornado. The Snyder administration has faced a lot criticism for its slow response to Flint’s water troubles.