Michigan ranks 35th in national educational report

It appears Michigan schools have room for improvement. The recent release of a nationwide classroom
report that ranks each state’s educational quality, found Michigan to be in the lower half of the country.

Michigan came in 35th in the nation on measures of educational success. Overall the state received a C-.

The grade came from the 20th annual Quality Counts report put out by Education Week- a trade publication.

The report looks at students’ chances for success, school finance and K-12 achievement.

Bill DiSessa is the spokesperson for the Michigan Department of Education. DiSessa says a new federal education law, the Every Student Succeeds Act or ESSA, may help Michigan improve.

“ESSA is combined with our Department’s plan to become a ‘Top Ten State in Ten Years’. Those two dynamics, moving forward, is why we’re confident Michigan is going to move up that ladder. We’re very optimistic about those plans” says DiSessa.top10

The state school Superintendent is expected to bring the ‘Top Ten in Ten Years’ plan before the Board, early this year.

DiSessa says Michigan received it’s lowest score in K-12 achievement category, in which the state received a D.

“Bottom line is overall we compare favorably on a national level. But at the same time it’s certainly clear Michigan has work to do in improving academic achievement in K-12 schools” says DiSessa.

DiSessa says ESSA and ‘Top Ten in Ten Years’ may help Michigan improve it’s scores.