Governor, Flint mayor meet to talk about water crisis, cooperation

bottled waterGovernor Rick Snyder and Flint Mayor Karen Weaver met today to discuss the city’s water crisis, and the state’s role in solving a problem it helped create.

State-appointed emergency managers decided to save money by using the Flint River for drinking water damaged pipes. That move damaged pipes and caused lead to leach into the water.

Following the meeting, Governor Snyder publicly apologized for a second time for the state’s role in Flint’s water crisis.

“We want to work closely together to earn the trust of the people of Flint,” said Snyder.

Flint’s mayor says it might cost as much as one and a half billion dollars to fix and replace the city’s old pipes. Governor Snyder says it’s too early to say how much that might cost, or how much might be paid by the state.