Questions continue about when Governor Snyder learned of Flint water contamination

file6051296990607Governor Rick Snyder is being dogged with questions of when exactly he knew Flint’s drinking water was contaminated with lead.

Snyder was in Flint today (Monday) to announce a joint city-state panel to address Flint’s water issues.

But most of the questions centered on what did the governor know about Flint’s lead problem…and when.

Snyder insists he didn’t know until October first….but red flags had been raised for many months before.

“I have a degree of responsibility. And that’s why we’re tried to be prudent about taking actions to address where those problems were and what those issues were. Insure they didn’t happen. And then be proactive to address those situations.”

Snyder once again apologized for mistakes state government officials made that allowed Flint’s drinking water to become contaminated with lead.