Flint crisis expected to dominate State of the State

o-BOTTLE-WATER-facebookGovernor Rick Snyder will deliver his sixth State of the State address tomorrow (Tue.) night. He will outline his priorities for 2016. It’s expected plans to address the Flint water crisis will dominate the speech.

The Flint water crisis has Governor Snyder on the defensive. Protests are planned in front of the Capitol to coincide with the address, and any other announcements in the speech will almost certainly take a backseat to whatever he has to say about Flint water.

Aides say the governor is likely to offer at least the outlines of a water safety strategy, and more plans to aid in the Flint emergency effort. President Obama declared a state of emergency in Flint, which qualifies the city for federal assistance. But the president refused to make a disaster declaration, which is typically reserved for the aftermath of natural disasters. The administration is reviewing its options on asking the President to reconsider.