Emails: Snyder knew about Flint water in September

rick-snyder-mugjpg-446cf7790e6a2ea6Governor Rick Snyder has released a trove of emails both to and from him regarding Flint and the city’s water crisis.

The emails show the governor was informed in September about the possibility of lead contamination of Flint’s water. Snyder aides say in the messages they considered it a local issue, even though the state treasurer had to sign off on the drinking water switch that resulted in the contamination. That was while Flint was being run by a state-appointed manager.

Snyder’s chief of staff also said he feared the issue had become a political football being used by the –quote- “against everything group.”

Governor Snyder says he released the e-mails to clear up questions about what he knew and when he knew what was happening in Flint. He is not releasing separate e-mails from his staff on the question. The governor’s office is not covered by Michigan’s open public records law.