Hefty petition rejecting nuclear dump hits the desk of Canadian Prime Minister

A new petition with nearly 100-thousand signatures, and over 30-thousand comments is calling on the Canadian Minister of the Environment to reject a nuclear waste dump on the shores of Lake Huron.

Stop the Great Lakes Nuclear Dump is the group behind the petition. They represent 184 counties, cities, and towns that have passed resolutions urging the Canadian government to deny permission for the dump.

Beverly Fernandez is spokesperson for the group. She said this type of nuclear waste storage simply isn’t viable yet.

“There are only three deep geological repositories, and all three of them have leaked. So this is a 100% failure rate. Now, no scientist can provide us with a 100-thousand year guarantee that this nuclear waste dump will not leak and contaminate the Great Lakes.”

She said it can be difficult to wrap your head around the amount of time the waste would be harmful.

“The Great Lakes themselves were only formed 15-thousand years ago. Now this waste remains radioactive and lethal for 100-thousand years. As you said, that time period is almost hard for humans to conceptualize. The amount of time this nuclear waste has to stay isolated is, you might as well say it’s forever.”

Fernandez said the most recent dump like this was constructed in New Mexico. It was projected to hold it’s waste for 10-thousand years.

She said within 15 years the New Mexico facility ruptured and began to leak nuclear waste.

Canada’s Minister of the Environment is scheduled to issue a recommendation on the nuclear waste dump by March first.

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