Walmart donates bottled water to Flint schools

bottle-of-waterWalmart announced today it will donate 176 truckloads of bottled water to help school children in Flint. The goal is to provide the students with drinkable water until the end of 2016.

Dan Bartlett is the Executive Vice President for Walmart.

He says the donation is partly because of the nearly one thousand Walmart associates living in the Flint area.

“Our concern is that the most vulnerable population in Flint is our children. This was a way we could partner with schools and use the scale of Walmart and our supplierers and the distribution point of public schools to make sure that 10,000 children can go about their day in school and not have to worry about clean water.”

The donation amounts to 6.5 million bottles of water.  It comes in addition to just over half-a-million bottles Walmart has donated since July.