Attorney General warns against Flint water scams

file6831336545567The Michigan Attorney General Tuesday issued a warning to Flint residents those hoping to donate about the possibility of scams.

Andrea Bitely is the press secretary for Attorney General, Bill Schuette. She said while the outpouring of charity has been great, scammers may see the crisis in Flint as an opportunity.

“One thing that we’re concerned about and we want to help Flint residents avoid and protect themselves from is those that prey on people in a time of difficulty or hardship.”

Joe Rolando is a concerned resident from Owosso, about a half-hour from Flint. He said he received letters offering him water pipe insurance.

“And the timing seemed to be kind of, how do I put this, sketchy based on the fact that Flint is having their water issues. Now there are exclusions, and I went to the company website to get this, on this insurance that specifically exclude problems with water quality, any EPA upgrades, which would pretty much preclude anyone in the Flint.”
Rolando says the company is legitimate, but he worries that residents will get the insurance hoping that it will help them in the Flint crisis.

Residents wanting to report scams or concerns can contact the Attorney General consumer protection line at 877 765 8388 or visit to fill out a complaint form.