MSU Extension bridges generational gap in agriculture with technology

Msu extension logoMichigan State University Extension will host an event in mid-March aimed at helping those new to agriculture get a head start.

It’s called the Highland Agriculture and Natural Resources Conference, and it’s being held at the Wexford-Missaukee Career Tech Center.

Jerry Lindquist is with MSU Extension. He said new technology is fundamentally changing the way agriculture is approached.

“We have a lot of computerization that’s taking place. We have robotic milkers that milk the cows. We have auto-steer tractors. It’s very rapidly changing to a high tech industry that requires some advanced skills and the more the farm owners can have themselves will give them a leg up on the competition.”

Lindquist said the new technology is helping to create more skill-based jobs that require higher education. He said he thinks the technology will be a great way to bridge the gap between older farm owners, and the next generation.

“There are many job possibilities for young people that even didn’t grow up on a farm. The difference today is that agriculture has grown so big that they have to rely on professionals to do some of the logistic work for them on the farm, or regarding the farm. That’s where more of these professional careers come in.”

The event is scheduled for March 19th.

For more information visit the MSU Extension, here.