Flint hearing on contaminated water

file4861254146666Eleanor Holmes Norton is the U-S House Delegate from Washington D-C. She says she wants to see immediate action to help lower lead levels in Flint’s water.

She asked the Interim Director of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality …Keith Creagh [Cray] …if the agency has made any efforts to address the issue.

“Additional phosphates was added on Dec. 9th to increase the potential to phosphate those pipes. That’s in progress and being done.”

“Is the water now safe to drink?”

“We cannot guarantee at this point in time that the water is safe to drink.”

Many members of Congress asked why Governor Rick Snyder and other
Michigan officials were not present for the hearing.

Former Flint Emergency Manager Darnell Earley is being subpoenaed by US Marshals after failing to testify this morning.