Experts say it would take 128 full time workers to replace Flint’s lead service lines in a year

Experts in Lansing say to replace the 15,000 lead service lines in Flint in a year would take the work of 32 full time crews.

The Lansing Board of Water and Light is advising officials in Flint on the details of replacing lead service lines.

Lansing has been working to replace the 13,500 lead lines in their city since 2004.

Flint is looking to replace 15,000 pipes in just one year.

Steve Serkaian is with Lansing BWL. He said the project is ambitious but doable.

“There are so many variables in how to replace 15,000 lead service and to do it all in a year would represent one of the biggest public sector projects in memory.”

Serkaian said each crew of four can replace about two lines a day.

Flint still needs to secure funding for the roughly $55 million project before work can start.

“Could it take a year? Our number say it can. The devil is in the details and the ability of public officials to come up with the $55 million to start the project.”