State grant to fight Phragmites in Saginaw Bay region


Bay County received a $350,000 grant to battle the invasive species Phragmites in the Saginaw Bay.

The grant will be used for a 2-year project to control and remove the invasives, and educate the community on the species.

Laura Ogar is the Director of Environmental Affairs for Bay County.

“We have some expansive wetland areas, and they’ve kind of taken hold there, they’ve pushed out the native species, and they’ve kind of come along the shoreline. So people in the Saginaw Bay area have kinda been wrestling with these weeds for close to 15/20 years now.”

Ogar said Bay County will monitor the project in the hopes of seeing long-term results.

“Phragmites will come back. What we want to do is be able to sustain this maintenance, and this control after the grant ends. So we want to build some better understanding locally, with township officials, some of the parks departments on what this looks like, how it can be treated. ”

Ogar said treatments are expected to begin in the spring.