Flint water rates were highest in nation during lead crisis


Flint residents were paying the highest water prices in the nation – all while that water was undrinkable due to lead contamination.

A national study looked at 500 water systems throughout the country.

It found that Flint residents paid an average of $864 a year for their water service, compared to a national average of $316.

Lynna Kaucheck is an organizer with Michigan Food and Water Watch, the group behind the study.

“The report is looking at data from a year ago. So a year ago, January, Flint residents were paying the highest water drinking rates in the country.”

Kaucheck said Flint residents are still being charged for undrinkable water.

“People aren’t using a lot of water right now. They’re using water to flush toilets, maybe for cleaning. And some people are still using the water for quick showers, but the rest of what folks are using is bottled water.”

Kaucheck said Food and Water Watch is calling for a refund of water bills from last year for Flint residents. At least some funding to do that is being considered by the legislature.