Tuesday protest to raise awareness of straits pipeline

Protesters rallied at the state Capitol on Thursday, demanding that an oil and gas pipeline under the Straits of Mackinac be shut down.
Opponents of the oil pipeline running under the Straits of Mackinac will hold a rally in Lansing Tuesday, Feb. 23rd outside of Governor Rick Snyder’s office.

The rally is part of the group ‘Oil and Water Don’t Mix’s’ Lobby Day event.

Kelly Thayer is the campaign manager for the event. He said 200 small business are putting their names on the line to support the cause.

“It’s courageous of people to do that, cus there’s no way to know the way your customers will react right? People have gotten to the point, these small business owners, of just realizing look ‘if we don’t speak up, we could very well lose everything’”

Mariah Urueta is an event organizer with Food and Water Watch, one of the groups participating in the event. She said years of consistent pressure to stop the flow of oil are finally paying off.

“This event has been made possible by all the momentum we’ve gained in the past. We’ve gathered organizational sign ons, we’ve gathered petitions, we’ve held press conferences. So as of now we have 20 resolutions passed across the whole state in different counties, townships, and cities.”

Thayer said there’s only two ways the protests against this pipeline would end. One is a spill, the other is a shutdown.
For more information click this link, and visit the Oil and Water Don’t Mix website.