CMU’s Speak Up Speak Out will address upcoming Michigan primary

If you have not yet decided who you will be voting for in the Michigan primaries, Central Michigan University is hosting an event that might be right up your alley.suso-logo-wh

This month’s Speak Up Speak Out series on Monday will focus on the primary candidates. In fact it’s titled, “Picking Your Candidate: Political Primaries 2016.”

The discussion comes just a little over a week before the primaries, that will be held on March 8th.

The facilitator of the event is CMU faculty member Dr. David Jesuit. He says panel member and CMU professor Dr. Cherie Strachan should bring an interesting point of view.

“Her area of research is on youth political participation, and that’s going to answer that question- to what extent are college aged voters leaning toward one candidate or another, and why. So she can talk about the importance of that dynamic that we’re seeing” says Jesuit.

Other panelists will include members of CMU’s College Democrats and Republicans, and a CMU alum who works for the Detroit News.

Jesuit also says it’s important for everyone to become more well informed when it comes to election seasons.

“This is an opportunity to learn more about the different political parties, their position on issues, and the different candidates within those political parties position on issues. So with that you can become more informed as you engaged in fulfilling your obligation, I would call it, in the electoral process” says Jesuit.

The Speak Up Speak Out forum is scheduled for Monday at 7 PM in the Park Library Auditorium on the campus of CMU.

For more information about the event, visit the Speak Up Speak Out webpage here.