Event to teach Flint residents to garden under threat of lead contamination

An open house event in Flint will educate people on how to safely grow vegetables with lead contaminated water.

A group called edible flint is hosting the all day Growing Flint event. Speakers on soil, vegetables and water will present information and there will be an open forum for gardeners to ask questions.

Deb Hamilton is with edible flint. She said the water crisis presents a challenge, but people should still garden.

“In spite of what our water crisis has presented to us it’s still good for you to have a garden, the vegetables are good for you and a lot of them are lead-fighting vegetables.”

Residents are also encouraged to get their soil tested and put lead filters on garden hoses when they grow fruits and vegetables.

“The main thing is make sure that you put the garden in a safe place, get the soil test and then do make sure that you filter your water,” Hamilton said.

Hamilton said edible flint has received a grant to conduct 250 lead soil tests. Residents can apply to get their soil tested at the event.

edible flint also offers garden starter kits that include seeds for lead absorbing vegetable and hose filters to Flint residents.