Top Michigan consumer complaints released from Michigan Attorney General

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette this month released his list of the top ten Consumer billlschuetteComplaints.

The list is based on nearly 9,000 written complaints filed with the office’s Consumer Protection Team in 2015.

According to the office- the number one complaint this year, and for the past ten years, is credit and financial concerns.

Other consumer complaints include telecommunications and TV, internet, motor vehicles, and retail.

Andrea Bitley is a spokeswoman for the office of the Attorney General. She says there are different ways that the office resolves different complaints.

For issues related to finances or mortgages… “We will contact that mortgage company and let them know about the compliant and work between the consumer and that company to resolve the dispute” says Bitley.

Bitley also says the purpose of the list is to educate residents about scams and potential problems.

“We see a pretty steady stream every year of complaints. This year, this past year I should say, we did have a little bit lower number, but you know there’s a lot of factors that go into that” says Bitley.

The office of the Attorney General says any residents with questions or concerns can contact the Consumer Protection Division, by calling the toll free number 1-877-765-8388. Any residents wanting to file a consumer complaint, can submit an online complaint through the Attorney General’s website.