Flint WaterWorks to employ Flint youth

file4911307482523A program with a dual purpose, to both employ Flint youth and help get resources to Flint residents was announced this weekend by Mayor Karen Weaver.

The program is called Flint WaterWorks. It’s a response to the roughly 10,000 unemployed youths not in school in the city of Flint.

Anne Marie Van Duyne is the Vice President of Philanthropic Services at the Community Foundation of Greater Flint, which is coordinating roughly 100 youth for the initial pilot program.

“It is to provide opportunity to youth who are otherwise out of school or out of work. It’s hopeful that this can be a transformative experience.”

Van Duyne said the program will work to bring food, water, and information to the most vulnerable residents of Flint.

“One of the primary things was just being sure that continued delivery of safe water, lead mitigating food, nutritional support, nutritional information that is being disseminated to other residents in different ways was accessible to all residents.”

Van Duyne said the program is funded by a $500,000 gift from J.B. Prtizker, an american venture capitalist, and was arraigned by the Hillary Clinton campaign.

The program will begin training and deployment in May.