State officials warn of Legionnaires risk in Flint

file0001237497827State health officials have issued a warning to residents of Genesee county about an increased risk of legionnaires disease as Spring brings warmer temperatures.

Legionella, the bacteria that cause legionnaires disease, thrives in a warm, wet environment. Warmer weather means a greater risk of the disease.

Jennifer Eisner is the Public Information Officer with the Department of Health and Human Services. She said the recent health warning was prompted by an increase of Legionnaire’s cases in Flint over the past two years.

“At this time we cannot make a causal link. We know that there is an association with the time that the Flint water switch occurred, and that we saw the increase in Legionnaires disease, but we cannot make a scientific causal link.”

Eisner advises anyone with pneumonia like symptoms to seek immediate medical attention.