Northern Michigan snowmobile museum receives sizable donation

The Top of the Lake Snowmobile Museum.  Courtesy of the Museum.

The Top of the Lake Snowmobile Museum. Courtesy of the Museum.

The season for snow sports is coming to an end, however, if you crave one last taste of winter, Naubinway’s Snowmobile museum has got you covered.

Charlie Vallier is Chairman of the Top of the Lake Snowmobile Museum, and yes, he loves his job.

Vallier is one of a handful of people who volunteer their time to run the museum everyday from 9 to 5.

Over the last two years, he’s been working with a similar Canadian museum that is downsizing their stock, attempting to pick up the 30-plus snowmobiles they were getting rid of.

Vallier said it was worth the wait.

“So we applied for it, and they told us they would rather give em to a museum in Canada. So we kinda forgot about it, and about a year later, which was about six months ago now, they emailed us and asked us if we were still interested. So a couple days ago, we went and uh, the dealing was all done. So that’s a great honor, it’s a great honor that they chose this museum to give em to.”

Vallier said the negotiations paid off in spades.

“Well it feels great that we’ve just added a lot of different sleds to this museum. There’s five of these sleds that came from either Sweden, Russia, or Finland. Five of ‘em, Some of those you’ll never see other than here in this Museum. So that’s a great honor.”

Vallier said the new additions to their museum are rare, some of them coming from discontinued companies or limited edition runs that, he said, are one of a kind at this point.

He said the museum received 33 new sleds from the Canadian museum, pushing their total to well over 100.

Vallier said the museum is attempting to fund an expansion to house some of the new sleds.

For more information on the museum, visit their website here.