Michigan cherries still on track despite snowy forecast 

cherriesAfter last week’s cold spell, fruit farmers have been checking vines and trees to make sure their crops are going to be alright.

As of now it looks as though the cherry crop is going to be just fine. That’s according to Nikki Rothwell of the Michigan State Extension program.

Rothwell said the recent El Niño influenced winter has been warmer than usual, which means unexpected periods of really cold weather have the potential to be even more harmful.

“That’s what really makes us worry, is when we have warm temperatures, and then it kind of slams down, or moves down really cold really quickly. So if we remain at these cool temperatures that are kinda just chugging along steadily, that’s really good news for growers of grapes, apples, cherries anything in those specialty crops.”

Rothwell said although some colder weather is in the forecast, she’s still not worried about this year’s harvest.

However, she said in Michigan the weather is never a sure thing, and farmers will be closely watching their crops as spring progresses.