Two week multi-branch military training operation occurring in Northern Michigan

National Guard LogoDuring the first two weeks of April over a thousand soldiers from various military branches will descend on Northern Michigan for a joint training exercise.

Sergeant Jeremie Mead is the community relations specialist for Camp Grayling, where multiple parts of the exercise will take place.

Mead said the exercise is called Arctic Eagle, and it will simulate what would happen in the event of a chemical or nuclear attack.

He said the soldiers will be practicing specialized first aid, emergency transportation, and even hostile takeover situations.

“Part of the exercise is a non-compliant ship boarding basically. In the scenario a hostile force takes over a boat, and the Coast Guard has to take that boat back over. That’s gonna take place in Mackinac City, it’s gonna be a quick event but it’s all a part of the scenario.”

Mead said parts of the exercise will take place in Alpena, Cheboygan, Crawford and Mackinac counties.

He said the training will require the different military branches to work together to remedy simulations of emergency situations.

“The US marines and the Danish infantry along with the National guard military police, will secure a pipeline. Of course scenario based, that is jeopardized because of the man-made explosive that happened. So they have to get in there, make sure the pipeline is secured, and also take care of any civilians on the battlefield.”

He said residents may hear explosions or sirens, but law enforcement is working alongside the military to make sure residents know it’s all part of the drill.