Flint residents will be asked to help flush water system

bottle-of-waterA group of experts says Flint’s water is improving, but the next step is to persuade city residents to help flush the system.

The findings were presented at a task force meeting presided over by Governor Rick Snyder, who said he’s glad to see progress is being made in the city’s lead contamination crisis.

“The system is improving, but there are still some instabilities, particularly over particles of lead,” said Snyder.

The plan is to ask Flint residents to run their water for several minutes a day. That would help flush the system of those lead particles, and help re-coat pipes with anti-corrosion chemicals. Details on how the plan might work are supposed to be rolled out next week. One issue that needs to be dealt with is making sure Flint residents aren’t charged for the water they use to help fix a problem they didn’t create.