Oscoda residential well tests above EPA toxic limit

cohdrankn44Chemicals leaking from a decommissioned Air Force base in Oscoda have been found in an area well at levels above the EPA’s toxic limit.

Officials say Perfluorinated Compounds, or PFC’s, have been leaking from the former Wurtsmith Air Force Base where they were once used as a fire suppressant.

Roughly 60 homes already tested positive for lower levels of the chemical. Most of the homes were advised to find an alternate water source.

Christina Bush is with the Department of Health and Human Services. She said she doesn’t know if finding contamination levels over the EPA limit will change anything about the ongoing investigation.

“We still need to get data on quite a few other wells in the area. Before we even found out we were taking action.”

Bush said the local health department is providing water for homes with lower levels of PFC contamination. The Air Force will be expected to find an alternative source in the case of the well testing over the EPA limit.