Genesee County awarded a 300-thousand dollar EPA grant to continue cleanup at a former GM facility


More than a million dollars in grants have been awarded to clean up Michigan Brownfield sites.

300-thousand of that money has been earmarked to clean up a former GM facility in Flint.

Brownfield sites are designated by cities, as areas for cleanup and revitalization.

The Brownfield in Flint was once a GM manufacturing facility. It shut down about 20 years ago.

Matt Didier is with the Environmental Protection Agency, which awarded the grants. He said the city is using caps to protect the soil and prevent water runoff.

“So right now there’s roughly 20 acres of the site that has been capped, and this grant will be used to just continue extending that work to additional areas of the property.”

Didier said the area will likely be used for recreational development.

“Part of the remedial strategy is to deal with controlling any runoff of stormwater from the site, and removing any groundwater movement from the property into the Flint River.”

Other Brownfield sites in Michigan that received grants are in Wayne and Kent counties.