More than eight-and-a-half million dollars in grants is now available for organizations that provide services to crime victims in Michigan

The money will go to organizations that provide services for abuse victims and victims of underserved crimes That includes families of murder victims and people injured by drunk drivers.

In April, the Crime Victim Services Commission offered 35 million dollars for victim’s services. After all was said and done, they had more than eight-and-a-half million left. Now they’re holding a second round of grants.

James McCurtis is the Director of Crime Victims Services for the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. He says it’s uncommon to have leftover money.

“The reason being is because this was the first year that we received a big boost from congress to give us more dollars for victims.”

McCurtis says the grant money will pay for counseling and therapy for victims, as well as funding facilities dedicated to providing crime victim services.

For more information on crime victim services visit the MDHHS Crime Victim Services page.