Two million dollars in federal money is helping two northern and central Michigan airports do runway repairs

Two million dollars in federal money has been awarded to two airports in northern and central Michigan.

The Cherry Capital Airport in Grand Traverse County received one-and-a-half-million. MBS International Airport in Saginaw County received half a million.

The money comes from the Federal Aviation Administration.

MBS International will use the funding to restore runways and maintain pavement.

Chris Sieklucki is the Assistant Airport Manager.

“Essentially the project consists of a crack sealing project, or overbanding on some cracks that we have on our main runway, as well as we’re paving the touchdown zones.”

Sieklucki said MBS is assessing what needs to be done in years to come.

“This pavement plan shows that we’re going to maintain the runway in this type of way. Looks like 523, our main runway, we’re looking to repave the whole runway in a couple years.”

Sieklucki said the project should be completed early next week.

The Cherry Capital Airport will use its funding to purchase land for expansion, and maintain the pavement.