Alma residents still worried about long term impacts of chemical contamination

DSC02218Mid-Michigan residents and experts are voicing concerns about chemical contaminants in the environment.

A report recently released by Alma College explores the science behind long-term exposure.

The report focuses on the Velsicol chemical contamination in 1973. Fire retardant pellets were confused cattle feed. It lead to the poisoning of as much as 90% of Michigan residents.

Ed Lorenz is an Alma College Professor who helped write the report. He said it’s hard to know what the health impacts have been.

“A disclaimer on this it’s really complicated to track an exposure in 1973 to health issues today.”

Lorenz says the main concern is that not much has changed in terms of how chemicals are regulated – exposures still happen even though health impacts aren’t known.

He said the hope is that communities come together to coordinate with public health and environmental agencies for tighter regulations.