Blood lead levels increase across the state

chipped-paint-04Across the state elevated blood lead levels are being reported in young children according to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

Summer months often mean elevated blood lead levels but in a few cities across the state the elevations have been higher than usual.

Jennifer Eisner is the with Michigan Department of Health of Human Services. She said the highest blood lead levels have been reported in Flint, Detroit, Grand Rapids, and Jackson County.

“We also had higher temperatures than we’ve had in previous years. It’s been a very hot summer, dry summer. That may be leading to this increase we’re seeing in quarter two that we would typically see later on.”

Eisner said parents should take precautions to reduce lead exposure in their children.

Tips for reducing exposure can be found at:,5885,7-339-71550_2955_2983—,00.html