New buoys will help preserve shipwrecks



Across the Great Lakes shipwrecks could soon receive a brand new buoy system, that will help divers and boats alike reduce damage to these historic sites.

Previously buoys for shipwrecks had been attached directly to the wrecks – something that could potentially harm the wrecks with yearly use.

Wayne Lusardi is with the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary. He said the new method will attach buoys to anchors that they will drop 20-30 feet away from wrecks.

“Hands down there is no questions that this is the best way to physically protect shipwrecks. Shipwrecks have received quite a lot of damage over the years inadvertently through anchoring or tying directly to them.”

The buoys will be placed near roughly 180 wrecks across the Great Lakes.

Lusardi said they are awaiting approval from the Coast Guard.