Odds of colliding with deer rising in Michigan

bambiMichigan drivers are among the top ten most likely drivers in the United States to have a deer collision that requires an insurance claim to be filed, according to a new report from State Farm.

The report puts the odds of colliding with a deer this year at one in 126. That’s an increase of fourteen percent from last year.

Angie Harrier is a spokesperson for State Farm.

She said such insurance claims average about $4000 each.

“ Move your car to a safe place if you do happen to hit a deer. Move it to a safe place and call the police and make sure there’s a police report filed. Document the incident . Take some photographs if you can. If you have witnesses that stop, if they’re willing to share their contact information to be witnesses that’s always helpful as well and then call your insurance company.”

Harriers said to avoid deer collisions, use your brights when possible, and don’t rely on deer whistles because they’re not proven to be effective