New set of bills could protect bicyclists

Bristol's Biggest Bike-ride (4)This week the state senate judiciary committee began considering a package of bills meant to increase protections for bicyclists.

The five bills being considered by the committee include increased penalties for collisions with bikers and a requirement that motorists leave a five foot gap between themselves and bikers.

Aneta Kiersnowski is with the League of Michigan Bicyclists. She said the five foot requirement is an important step for protecting bicyclists.

“A lot of the times on roadways a motorist doesn’t realize how close they can get to a bicyclists and putting five feet into the Michigan vehicle code would really help a motorist visualize how far they need to go when they are passing to pass a bicyclist safely.”

Kiersnoski said she is cautiously optimistic that the bills will make it through the committee and eventually become law.