Leelanau County is looking to increase access to high speed internet throughout the community


Leelanau County is looking to increase residents’ access to high speed internet.

Officials say over half of Leelanau County does not have access to high speed internet.

The county is asking residents to take an online survey to measure just where the digital divide is.

Patricia Soutas-Little is a county commissioner, heading the survey project.

“High speed internet allows our businesses, and here in Leelanau County we have a lot of entrepreneurial and small businesses, but it allows them to connect with the world. Not just with other groups in Michigan or with other organizations or corporations within Leelanau County itself.”

Soutas-Little said the Connect Michigan program offers money to providers working to make high speed available in rural areas.

“What we’re hoping that if we can get a good enough businesses case, we can attract those dollars here and get those providers to provide the infrastructure or whatever it is that we find we need here in leelanau County.”

You can find the survey here.