Letters from childhood friend of Ernest Hemingway donated to Clarke Historical Library

69f6d960f24f8a438ae0938c6c0c3511Letters between an Ernest Hemingway biographer and one of the prolific author’s childhood friends are shedding light on Hemingway’s early life in Michigan.


The Michigan Hemingway Society permanently loaned the entire correspondence to the Clarke Historical Library in Mount Pleasant, to help preserve the letters.

Marjorie Main was a childhood friend of Hemingway who appears in several of his early short stories.

Chris Struble is the president of the Michigan Hemingway Society. He said the letters offer a unique look into Hemingway’s life.

“What we have is these letters back and forth with Marj detailing really specific things about his time here in Petsokey. As close as we can figure about 240, 225-245 letters and some of the insight is just amazing.”

Struble said what makes the letters so compelling is how they contradict Hemingway’s fictional accounts of just who Marjorie was and what their relationship was like.