CMU College of Medicine partners with Saginaw Valley State University

Central Michigan University and Saginaw Valley State University are partnering to create more opportunities for students interested in practicing medicine in underserved areas.

The partnership between SVSU and the CMU College of Medicine will reserve three positions for SVSU students.

Steven Vance is an Associate Dean of Clinical Education for the CMU College of Medicine. He says this is another step towards furthering CMU’s mission.

“It seems like a delightful partnership for us in terms of identifying students from the Mid-Michigan area that have an interest in pursuing medicine in underserved rural areas where we badly need physicians.”

Vance said it makes sense to find students with ties to the area. He said students that have been endorsed will have their application fees waived, and will gain early admission to the College of Medicine.

The program usually takes in 104 students per year. The agreement between CMU and SVSU was signed back in July, and announced this month. The College of Medicine also has a similar program partnership with CMU.